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suspicious call

so had a call from someone saying they were from BT, indian accents, saying they had detected unusual traffic on my broadband connection, have we given away passwords etc. I was immediately suspicious and asked how I would know they were from BT - so they sent me a pin to my mobile number - from same number you would normally expect a BT pin to come from (e.g. changing password on MyBT account). Still suspicious they handed me to a manager ... then they started asking me to press keys on keyboard … I cut them off … but is this an elaborate scam or is it actually BT? on the BT website it says: "Your broadband service We'll never call and: Tell you your router or IP address has been compromised Tell you your broadband has been hacked Threaten to disconnect your service unless you make a payment immediately." I have reported it as a scam call but was this a legitimate call or not? anyone else had this call?
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Re: suspicious call

It is a scam call.

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