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wifi speeds on new smart hub

Apologies I wasn't sure how to change the location of my post which I put in wifi instead of BT Fibre.

I have BT arriving tomorrow and installing FIBRE to Premises 100 with the 140 / 30 speeds.

I currently have the old router and can get 70 WIFI speed downstairs and 62 upstairs, no discs or extenders required.  I also have a WIFI camera outside that pics up signal too (although signal is lowest here).

I have been reading horror stories tonight about wifi problems on the smart hub 2.  Most are from early 2019.  

Is it really bad.  I need good speeds upstairs with x Box , Netflix etc upstairs and my wifi cameras or did a firmware patch it.

Whats your thoughts on it.  Should I stop install if its that bad.

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Re: wifi speeds on new smart hub

I can get max download speeds using the SH2 (same package) on the floor above with a PC. But, also depends on the antenna in your devices and what frequency they connect at.  To get 140Mbps your devices will need to be at least wireless ac + 5Ghz (as would be the case with any 802.11ac router). Also the orientation of the hub (internal antennas) and devices/receivers will impact signal - the same as any router.

Not had any random wifi disconnections or drop in signal. However, you could always plug the old router back in if you don't like the new one, or any 3rd party router.

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Could someone help re my wifi speeds please


Apologies for asking some dumb questions as I am not the best with this.

I was having FTP installed today - it didn't happen due to them having to dig up the driveway to free a blockage for cable.

I was having concerns before install reading about peoples poor wifi performance on Smarthub2 v their older BT router.

I decided to just plug in my smart hub2 this afternoon to see what kind of wifi speed it would provide me v smart hub 1.

I have switched off Smart setup and ensured the right devices are on 5 v 2.4

Some questions from what I found out.

- My Wifi speeds are going all over the place - is this normal the first night of a new router going in (same line as not got FTP yet)

- Is it normal if streaming 1080p on ethernet that your wifi speed drops significantly on other devices (maybe I just haven't noticed this before but will test it on my old router tomorrow) - example its reading 58 in livingroom. Press play on Netflix (hard wired to tv) it drops it to 42 on wifi.  pause Netflix it goes back up. I take it this is normal?

- My wifi speed at best seems a lot lower than what smart hub 1 was.  Still good enough but for the extra cost per month having something that is LOWER doesn't make any sense....  

Upstairs I used to get 68 wifi.   Now showing 48 - still good on 76mb max but its lower than what I had.

Xbox shows signal strength on 5 signal as 84% smart hub 1 and 68% on smarthub 2 which is telling me the signal just isn't as good. 

Im not sure if a different router (with WAN) would be best when fibre gets installed.. if so what is best recommendation that helps with wifi



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Re: wifi speeds on new smart hub

thank you.  I have added a different thread with some findings if you have time .  thank you so much for taking the time to reply to this.

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