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wireless camera

hi all iam new to bt i was using talk talk before. when i was using talk talk i had no trouble setting my wireless cameras up work great but now i chaged to bt i can connect my wireless cameras up they connect and i can view them on the app i use which is called zosi pano but thw promblem is when i leave my home and try to view camersa from mobile data or a different network they say off line and cant view but as sone as i get home and my phone coneects to same network they work again iam using the same app as i did on talk talk and conecting the camera the same way so i think its something to do with bt settings so i called bt and they said they dont know why this is i habe a smart hub 2 i tried turning off wirewall no change i dont really know what iam doing as i said when on talk talk work freat and easy can any1 help if not i will nees to rejoin talk talk thanks 

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Re: wireless camera


I suggest that you uninstall the app, then install it again and follow the setup process to allow it to update the settings to match BT.

Factory reset the home hub first, and disable Smart Setup, as that can give problems

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Re: wireless camera

Are  you connecting to the camera with the correct WAN ip address (public ip address)? Have you created a port forwarding rule from your hub to your wireless camera?

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Re: wireless camera

i will try that but as i look into to a bit further it turns out i can view my cameras from another nework just not when using my mobile date on my phone i use o2 always been ok in passed

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