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EE Mini Hub fails after 5 minutes

I moved house about 2 weeks ago, ordered Sky broadband 3 weeks before the move and when switch on day came nothing. 

Sky’s response is “you have a fault” and they couldn’t give me any time frame to fix it. 

I called BT who said that they would ship me hybrid connect the next working day, but 2 days later nothing. I called up and BT said due to a fault, they had suspended my order. They apologised and sent me an EE Mini Hub to get us online whilst we waited. 

This arrived today and I charged it up and got my TV and phone connected. It didn’t manage to cope with any browsing and totally failed on streaming TV. 

I’m getting around 6mbps on speed tests, but that’s about all you can do. After around 5-10 minutes it grinds to a halt. I’ve tried it everywhere, including outside and it’s the same. 

I’ve tried resetting it and nothing. It shows connection, but nothing useful or usable after a few minutes. 

My phone streams fine (Vodafone) as does my work phone (EE) and my wife’s phone (O2), so I can only assume it is the device. 

Does it have to be activated? I’ve not seen any instructions on doing so?


Is there a trick to getting it working?

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