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phone data usage

every now and then i get silly usage ie a months data in a day. dont know why but its happened before just normally closer and not as much.. today ive had a message saying im down to 19% until 3rd of next month of a 4g allowance.. i usually use about 2g a month.. looking at usage i have a day where my usage is 2.4g and i have no knowledge of any day that i would be able to use that????????  is there any way of finding out what the usage was ???? cant seem to find an email or online contact for bt as it just sends me round in circles. thanks ken

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Re: phone data usage

what data usage does your phone show as being used?  there is no way to see details and other similar posts here

Mobile data usage - BT Community

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Re: phone data usage

nothing different from normal use. fb main user safari next all rest minimal. only seems to happen every now and then. like i say its showing a full months use in one day.. only had this with bt (swapped over due to having bt fibre at home ) might just swap back as out of contract on phone..
thanks ken
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