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Compliment a member of staff

How do I escalate a compliment up the BT food chain? I would love for a member of staff that I spoke to this afternoon to get the recognition she so thoroughly deserves. Not only did she fight to get a first-time resolution for me, but she is one of the nicest, most genuine humans - she made my heart smile. Coming from a customer service department/call centre background, staff like this our pure platinum.

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Re: Compliment a member of staff


A moderator will post here, offering help with this.

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Re: Compliment a member of staff

Thanks Keith ☺️

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Re: Compliment a member of staff

Hi @Wefster

Thank you for your post and your feedback.

I am really pleased to read your comments.  Blown away in fact by what you've said.  I'll happily send the feedback through to my colleagues team leader to make sure they're recognised for a job well done.

Here is the link to >> My profile << Click on it and on the top right hand corner you'll see an envelope to message me, privately.  Please send over your home number to me and I'll send your feedback over.  I'll respond to confirm once I've done that.

Thanks again,


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Re: Compliment a member of staff

Hi @Wefster

I'm just popping back on to let you know that I have sent you comments to both Michaela and her team leader to make sure she gets the recognition she quite rightly deserves!

Have a nice weekend 🙂


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Re: Compliment a member of staff

I really appreciate the time you've taken to highlight Michaela's exceptional service - thanks Robbie 😊

Have a lovely weekend too!


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Re: Compliment a member of staff

My name is Amanda Bickerdike I am a home broadband customer who lives in Leeds. I recently called about a problem. I spoke to Travis. He’s a credit to your company. 
He was professional yet personable, he listened to my complaint (I wasn’t being a moaner it was a mistake and they happened) and he solved it. 
mat one point we were disconnected but he carried on resolving and sent me a follow up text. 
TBH I was a little annoyed that I’d been without internet for 3 weeks then received a big bill. I called , explained he was great, looked into it and rectified it. 
Thankyou Travis, it was more than helping me technically. I cried with relief after that call instead of panic and shame. 

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Re: Compliment a member of staff


I have asked a moderator to provide assistance with this, they will post an invite on this thread.
They are the only BT employees on this forum, and are based in the UK.

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Re: Compliment a member of staff

Hi @Abick, thanks for your post and I've sent you a Private Message so you can get in touch with us and we'll pass your comments on to their manager.