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BT Box Pro Issue

Hi,  My BT Box Pro seems to be having various issues as follows:

No Screen / Pink screen on start up - unplug and restart required.

No response to remote after start up (ok after a reboot + new batteries in remote) - again restart required

Channel sound 'chirping' occasionally (various channels including BBC) and then temporarily dropping out

Poor signal on certain You View Channels, fine on BBC / ITV


I have tried a reset on the unit but that has not helped.  Firmware up to date.


Any ideas please?


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Re: BT Box Pro Issue

Hi @james_marjoram I'm sorry to see you're having problems with your BT TV box. Was it a factory reset you've tried?

If you're still having problems, or you can still access the menu, you also have the option to reset your BT TV box through the menus. But be aware that this type of reset deletes your recordings and any scheduled recordings. You'll also lose any personal settings you've made to favourites and playlists.

  1. Go to the main menu by pressing the blue Home (or YouView) button on your remote
  2. From the main menu, scroll along and select Settings
  3. In the settings menu, scroll down to Information & Reset and select Factory Reset from the list
  4. You'll now see a warning screen. Remember all of your recordings and personal data will be deleted
  5. If you want to continue, just enter the numbers shown on the screen using your remote. The reset will take a few minutes
  6. Once done, you'll see the first time set up screens. Just follow the on-screen instructions to complete the reset



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Re: BT Box Pro Issue

Have tried this now, let’s see what the next couple of days bring.