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BT TV Box Pro issue - Update 02/03/2022

Hi everyone

Some customers were facing issues while watching their BT TV box Pro. This included problems with recordings and some apps not working.  We have now resolved the issue.

If your box still has an issue and is showing the 5th March, a reboot will resolve the issue. To do so there are two options:


  1. Hold down the BT power button on the front of the box until it restarts.
  2. Pull the power cable from the back of the box and plug it back in and switch it on again.


This will resolve all issues from today onwards, however, recordings from yesterday will still be affected. Please look back into the programme guide to see whether the programme you wanted to record is available on catch up. There will be a ‘play’ button to show if it is available.

 We’re really sorry for any inconvenience caused.