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BT TV Pro is driving me nuts

I'm not sure what's happening with this service, but its driving me crazy.

I have tried factory resets, resets keeping recordings - and possibly everything I can find on here. I have even tried both Ariel and Internet modes.

I have now multiple times lost all recordings - they mark themselves failed and the disk space reports 100% free.

It has now decided that if I record one programme - I must watch that channel (crazy!)  If I switch to another channel - it switches me back. All the problems are on the Pro box, the other box we have is fine. Boxes are connected via ethernet.

I have 900 broadband, Big Entertainment, 2nd box, and Netflix - so not cheap.....  Ready to cancel the lot (sorry extremely frustrated, I have been patient, but this has now being going on for months) Its getting to the point where we just end up not using it because its frustrating - so begs the question why I'm paying for it?

Is there something fundamentally faulty with the Pro box and service? I don't seem to be alone in having issues.

Frustrated Rant over whilst we have lost all our recordings, another failed recording, and missing the film I was watching...........


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Re: BT TV Pro is driving me nuts

Have you tried giving us a call @RikWebb? From your description, it does sound like a faulty box - calling us and going through the diagnostics will allow us to confirm it's not a known fault and then swap the box for a new one if needed.
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Re: BT TV Pro is driving me nuts

What's the best number for that please Darren?


P.S. I think I have figured out the recording bug that is changing my channel over - it seems to be recording things on two regional area's at the same time - so I end up with two recordings of whatever I wanted recording.

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Re: BT TV Pro is driving me nuts

Check out

You can use live chat online, or call 0800800150