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BT TV box return

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HI all, just cancelled my BT TV essentials as we never used it, was out of contract so no drama there, but they guy said I need to send back the TV box (small youview box), does that sound correct ? What happens if you don't send it back ? It is a pain for me to get to a post office.  I have had the box 3 years now, will send it back if I have to, seems a bit of a con.

Thanks in advance



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Re: BT TV box return

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If the box  was sent on or after 13/12/2019 then it is owned by BT and was provided on loan.

If supplied prior to that date it would be regarded as your property and returning/recycling would be your choice.


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Re: BT TV box return

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Hi @mattyjoyce71, if you haven't renewed your BT TV contract since 13th December 2019 you won't be charged. 

Check out: How to return and recycle your BT equipment for free | BT Help

"We made some changes to our Terms & Conditions on 13 December 2019, meaning that BT Hubs and BT TV boxes are being loaned to you. So if you joined us or have renewed your contract on or after this date, you’ll be charged for not returning equipment to us."

If the equipment is no longer of any use to you we always ask for it to be returned so it can be recycled.



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Re: BT TV box return

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ah so yes have to return it, ah well no great thing, will get a cheap TV recorder if we need it but most of the things we watch are either live or on Catch Up services

Thanks for quick reply, great help


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