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BT TV connectivity

I am getting a BT TV box sent to me this week. I'm a bit concerned about connectivity as I may have to use it over wifi. Does anyone know how good the current BT TV Boxes are at linking to wifi at 4K speeds?

I have a BT whole home black mesh disc system in the house with a disc on each of 3 floors, the router / smart hub is on yet another floor. I need the mesh network as the house is super insulated and signals are weak. The Ethernet connection on the disc in the living room connects to the TV so that I can steam apps. The Samsung TV Wifi system is known to be really bad and I can't stream without the Ethernet cable link.

I'm not too eager to use BT Mini Connectors for the BT TV box, as I know the signal can be pretty unreliable over the electric circuit. So when the BT TV box arrives would it be feasible to feed two devices (the TV and BT TV box) from the single Ethernet port on the mesh disc near the TV, like an Ethernet splitter / switch or the like? And if so would that reduce the internet speed to both devices?

By the way I'm on Full Fibre 500 with Halo 3.

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Re: BT TV connectivity

The BT TV Box Pro is perfectly paired with your Complete WiFi and will support the full experience over it - you won't get any benefit from connecting a LAN cable to your disc.

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Re: BT TV connectivity

Thank you! I was a it worried it would be similar to the problem I have trying to stream apps over wifi on my Samsung TV. Good to hear the BT TV Box shouldn't have any problems with a wifi connection.

Cheers, Colin

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