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BT TV without the need of an aerial

Hi Everyone,

I have some exciting news to share.  As of today, we are enabling Internet Mode through our latest BT set top box, the BT TV Box Pro.


Watch channels and apps, all in one place

Our BT TV Box Pro brings your favourite TV together, so you can browse channels and apps all in one place. Search through the best of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, BritBox and more. Plus, all your subscriptions are summarised and paid for on one bill.

It connects to your Smart Hub via wi-fi, meaning you can watch most of your favourite content without the need for an aerial (See FAQ below. Will all Freeview channels be available to stream over my broadband connection?) Simply plug the box in, connect it to the TV and it’s ready to go. And, because our remote control uses Bluetooth, you don’t need to be able to see the box – you can easily flick through channels and menus wherever you are in the room.

Our most powerful ever box can pause and rewind live shows and record up to 600 hours of TV across multiple channels. That’s double the storage of our previous box.

The BT TV Box Pro also comes with Dolby Atmos and future-ready 4K HDR. So you can enjoy all the latest sport action from BT Sport Ultimate in perfect clarity and with our best sound quality yet.


You can read more about the BT TV Box Pro from this Community post, BT TV Box Pro with Wi-Fi 





How will BT TV work with no aerial?

We’ll apply a software update to all BT TV Box Pro's which will enable Internet mode.  This means that instead of having channels delivered through an aerial, they will be streamed through your BT Broadband connection.  


How can I get the update to enable IP mode?

We are rolling this update out to all BT TV Box Pro's.  To get the update you will need to remove your aerial and carry out a factory reset.  Click on this link for guidance on how to factory reset your BT TV Box Pro, How do I reset my BT TV box 


Will all free- to-air channels be available to stream over my broadband connection?

The most popular free-to-air channels will be available over your broadband connection.  But, there will be some free-to-air channels that will still rely on an aerial connection.  For a full list of these channels please visit Internet mode Freeview channel guide 


Can I still use an aerial if I prefer?

Yes, we will continue offering aerials for those customers who want to access the full range of free-to-air channels.  We also recommend using an aerial for customers with a BT Broadband speed of under 22 Mbps. 


How many channels can I record if I go aerial free?

Using aerial mode you will be able to record 4 channels at once.  If you use internet mode then you will be able to record 2 channels at once.


I don't use a BT Smart hub, can I use a 3rd party router to stream Freeview channels?

No, to use the BT TV Box Pro without an aerial you will need to use a BT Smart hub.


We published some tips and advice when connecting via wi-fi so check out this link, <BT TV Box & Mini - wi-fi tips for improved performance > to get the best possible experience accessing BT TV over Wi-Fi