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Bt Tv Pro box ,Aerial out.

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Good afternoon.

Just joined Bt Tv.Getting the VIP package.Pro box etc arriving 14th Dec.23.

I am not tech savvy.

I have a Amplified 2 way splitter from my Previous Sky pre magic eye days.I am aware Pro box has an aerial out.After setting up,If I choose to use this  to connect to my Lg tv,What viewing options,does it give me for my Main tv and 2nd tv in bedroom.

Is there any settings I need  to"apply" in the Pro box and Tv.if I use the aerial out..

I dont have the Mini box(option for future)

Thank you





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Re: Bt Tv Pro box ,Aerial out.

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Sky would imply satellite. Have you got a terrestrial aerial there? If not, you have nothing to feed the Pro box from, and would need to use it in IP mode, or get a terrestrial aerial.

But if you have got or you get a terrestrial aerial, then the purpose of the aerial out on the Pro box is that you can use a further, male to female, length of aerial cable to your TV, so that you can still use the tuner on your TV, if desired. But you cannot play recordings via this cable; recordings only go out on HDMI, and Aerial Out just passes through what you get on Aerial In.

Im not sure how many TVs you have. LG, Main, Bedroom? Three sets or two sets? But you don’t want to be feeding multiple TVs from the Aerial Out on the Pro box; you aerial distribution to these other TVs needs to be upstream of the Pro box, nearer to the roof/loft aerial.

Talk to a local aerial fitter if you are confused by any of this, or will need wiring changes; though Sky cabling is actually the same stuff as terrestrial cabling, just with different connectors on the end.

To use the aerial out on the Pro box, you need to make one change in the menus in Settings; find a setting called Loopthrough, or possibly Passthrough, and turn it On. This will ensure, at the cost of a slightly raised standby power consumption, that the aerial out remains active when the box goes into Standby.

And if you power down the Pro box, the Aerial Out Signal will also power down, so be prepared to leave it on, at least in Standby, if you want Aerial Out to keep working.

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Re: Bt Tv Pro box ,Aerial out.

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The aerial out is simply a passthrough, subject to the correct standby settings. So you can use it to watch Freeview on the TV but not any subscription channels or recordings.

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