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IPC6023 - FYI

Yes, the dreaded IPC6023 error, that most have had, or are still having, but what causes it?

A few months ago, I decided to do some extensive testing on this error, and forgot to report my findings, Covid etc., and I just never got around to it. I was reminded this week, when I got a replacement BT Box, as previous one went faulty, so swapped them over, and low and behold, the IPC6023 error was back, but I knew why this time.

This is a 'multi cast' error, and happens intermittently depending on certain conditions, congestion, network load, stream quality etc., it can often happen or once in a while. It is caused by the DHCP Server, and these boxes do not like the DHCP Server, or more particularly, 'multi cast' doesn't.

It's a simple fix, and when I done it again for my new box, problem solved. My new box has a different MAC address, so this caused my router to assign an IP from the DHCP Server, which we don't want.

Here is the cure:

1. Set a DHCP range in your router (usually in LAN settings) leaving enough IP's outside this range. Mine goes from - @ stock, so I set it to - This gives me 100 IP's for the DHCP Server, and 100 IP's outside that server, more than enough for anyone, but the main aim is to have a few IP's not in the DHCP range.

2. Now set your BT Box on any fixed IP on this outside range (in router), I chose You may need to enable 'manual assignment' in your router. If your using the 'Smart Hub', and it doesn't allow for changing any of these settings?, then another reason to ditch it, as this is just basics 🙂

3. Save settings in router and reboot the device.

4. Switch off power to BT Box on back and let it sit for 2-3 mins.

5. Once router has come back online and settled, switch BT Box back on, and let it pick up the fixed IP.

6. Go to BT Box settings and check the broadband settings, it should show the fixed IP you gave it earlier, and will now be allocated this permanently, until you change it.

That's it!  I can guarantee no more IPC6023 errors.

Hope that clears things up and helps anyone who may be having this problem.

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Re: IPC6023 - FYI

it doesnt work for me
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Re: IPC6023 - FYI

Hi @kamilm and welcome to our community.

This thread is almost a year old but thanks for trying the advice posted. How are you connecting the box? Is it wireless or wired? Are you using extenders? Give us as much detail as possible and we'll try to help.



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