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No 5.1 surround via Netflix app.

Tested on two G4’s and one F1 - all on latest update.

My setup is fully 5.1 compatible. I get 5.1 options and full Dolby Digital through the appropriate content on Sky, terrestrial and Amazon Prime apps on these boxes.

However, the Netflix App via an HD subscription shows *no* content as having 5.1, and consequently everything is delivered via 2-channel.

I have checked with Netflix, and they can offer no insight - saying only that I should check with the “device manufacturer”.

Any thoughts?

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Re: No 5.1 surround via Netflix app.

Try these:

Log out and in again 

Check Netflix subscription again. 

Try factory resetting the boxes 



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Re: No 5.1 surround via Netflix app.

Yup - tried all this.

Even tried temporary use of a 4K UHD subscription - this shows “spacial audio” (aka Atmos) but still switches to 2-channel when content plays.

Btw - I”m using SPDIF (optical) connection to amp - not HDMI. Not that this should matter.

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Re: No 5.1 surround via Netflix app.

Are you taking the SPdif directly from the BT TV box into the surround system or are you going HDMI to the TV and then SPdif out from the tv to the surround system? 

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Re: No 5.1 surround via Netflix app.

SPdif directly to the Amp, which displays the audio output it can produce from that (i.e. “Dolby Digital” when full 5.1 is being received, or “Pro Logic II” when it just gets 2-channel).

And, to remind, the Amazon Prime and NowTV apps work fine in this respect. It’s just the Netflix app that appears broken.

Another weird thing is that the Amp displays “Dolby Digital” whilst the Netflix app is running, it just switches to 2-channel the moment suitable content starts. Test item is “BladeRunner 2049”, but, again, nothing is showing the 5.1 iconography.

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Re: No 5.1 surround via Netflix app.

…and to add, the box is connected directly to the TV via HDMI (which isn’t a surround system), and it has occurred to me that the App is getting ‘fooled’ by that HDMI connection into thinking that, despite being told the SPdif is ‘surround’ that it really isn’t.

So is it ignoring the SPdif wanting 5.1 and making a decision based on the HDMI, that doesn’t?

Maybe. Just guesswork based on observation.

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Re: No 5.1 surround via Netflix app.

@TrevML that sounds a likely scenario. It is possible that Netflix is confused by passing video via HDMI and audio via SPdif and their copy protection is kicking in...  

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Re: No 5.1 surround via Netflix app.

I believe your guesswork is correct - I have exactly the same problem

1) BT Box connected via HDMI to oldish Panasonic TV

2) BT Box connected via optical out to SONY 5.1 amp 

3) Amazon Prime App works fine with the amp recognising DD 5.1 on relevant content

4) BUT Netflix  App only sends DD 2.0 via optical and no Netflix content has the 5.1 logo in the programme description


Then tried the BT Pro Box with a newer LG TV with HDMI to the TV and optical output to a 5.1 amp

1) Now the Netflix App does output 5.1 and all content descriptions shows the 5.1 symbol

2) It also send DD 5.1 when routed through the TV via HDMI and then optical from TV to amp 


Conclusion - the Netflix App is checking for DD 5.1 compatibility via HDMI only and not checking via optical


But there is also something strange with the optical out from the BT Box. (note have tried this on 2 BT boxes and both do the same thing)

1) My amp is indicating DD 5.1 is being sent from the BT Box when any App is opened 

2) BBC iPlayer, Netflix and Prime all send 5.1 BUT iPlayer and Netflix both switch to DD2.0 when a programme is selected (don't believe there is any content on iPlayer in 5.1)

3) Prime continues to output 5.1 correctly 


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Re: No 5.1 surround via Netflix app.

Thanks for adding to this thread - your observations exactly match mine.

I wonder if Netflix are minded to fix this bug in their player?