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Re: What's new bt TV 2023

I hope to see the remainder of the Freeview channels added to IP mode.  A discovery add-on would also be good, for example the full suite of Discovery Channel's for an additional cost per month 

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Re: What's new bt TV 2023

For me I'd like to see the bugs fixed first. 

  • 5.1 issue 
  • Netflix search added back 
  • Dolby vision support via Netflix and prime (we have the hardware so why not use it?) 
  • ITVX added 
  • More tuners in ip mode

Then additionally although not important 

  • Discovery plus app added
  • Discovery suite of channels added via iptv (this includes, turbo, animal planet, tlc etc) 
  • Personally access to more free to air channels that aren't on freeview
  • More of the freeview in iptv mode 

Dream wishlist 

  • Disney+ added 
  • Paramount+ added
  • Deal struck with sky to offer ultra hd (4k) content. Doesn't matter if cinema / entertainment is via the bt player, sport could be added via ip channels or streams using a hidden app and pressing red (or green) to activate it much like bt sport does. (virgin media offer entertainment and cinema via on demand for an extra fee) 

But I know that's just a wishlist, nothing more. I'm happy with the service so far. 

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Re: What's new bt TV 2023

Great detail response I agree with your post .. hopefully the mods can take note and give us some feedback
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Re: What's new bt TV 2023

Would love to see the Nvidia GeForce Now app 🙂
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Re: What's new bt TV 2023

You can already subscribe to Paramount+ indirectly through Amazon Prime Video.

Other than YouTube, the two glaring omissions on BT TV boxes are Apple TV and Disney+. 

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Re: What's new bt TV 2023

Apple tv are a funny bunch. 

No one else seems to have it except Google TV, skyq, and apple themselves. 

I can't see it appearing anytime soon. Would be good however. 

I suppose we will end up with too many streaming apps. 


I noticed talk talks new hub box is essentially a Google TV box with the youview app on it... They will certainly get apple tv+ as that setup is the same as the Sony TV. But don't try it on bt it won't work. You'll need to stay with the bt box Pro. 

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Re: What's new bt TV 2023

One feature I really would like to see is the option to clearly differentiate between the TV channels I am subscribed and not subscribed to on the BT Box EPG. Without it I feel I am using a beta version product. This feature is present on all other providers TV boxes I used so far (Sky, VM, etc.).

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Re: What's new bt TV 2023

Very good point which I would also like to see with BT TV.
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Re: What's new bt TV 2023


Apple TV app is on Smart TVs from Samsung, LG and Sony amongst others.

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Re: What's new bt TV 2023

Said tv's probably use Google as their interface or app store. 

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