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BT Webmail Feedback v2 (post 16th April release)

Please use this thread to provide feedback on the BT webmail platform following our latest release. 

We'll use this to capture feedback and improvements for our Email team. 

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No Accept/Reject buttons are visible when I receive an MS Teams invite onto windows laptop

When I receive an MS Teams invite on on my windows laptop my account I do not see any Accept or Reject buttons

Your help is appreciated.


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Re: BT Webmail Feedback v2 (post 16th April release)


*      Attractive login screens, even if multi-stage.

*      Homing cursor stabilised.

*      Line spacing problems addressed.

*      Font style stable over entire text message.

*      Appears faster to load.

Probably many others, but thanks for these.



*       Still cannot adjust depth of composing window.  Still trying to type through a 3-line window!

*      Unread messages still not sufficiently distinctive, Bullets would be better.

*      Left-hand folder pane will not stay adjusted when moved, on re-entry to email.

Almost certain to be others. Carry on, please.

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Re: BT Webmail Feedback v2 (post 16th April release)

I know that maybe I should use an email programme rather than the actual BT webmail page to compose emails, but that is my preference. 

All I have to say is that composing an email on the new BT website is a nightmare. 

It does all sorts of weird things, such as when you click on backspace to delete a word or letter, the cursor jumps up to the beginning of the email. That's if you can manage to see the cursor which is completely uncontrollable. It's very difficult to place it right where you want it.

You press enter to go to the next line and if you're lucky, it will have moved there, ready to go. However, you then discover that the font has suddenly changed to something a lot smaller.

It's a mess. Unusable. Whoever wrote that part of the programme obviously has no idea how these things work.

If you can recommend an email programme that works with BT, that is free and also safe, I would be happy to hear about them.

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Re: BT Webmail Feedback v2 (post 16th April release)

They all work with BT mail. Thunderbird and EmClient are 2 free and safe clients which are widely used.

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Re: BT Webmail Feedback v2 (post 16th April release)

I agree the new version - I see "v=ci-MX_3.4.1#/mail" in the url - feels snappier and more responsive. Re login, I visited the "MyBT" pages yesterday, and the login for those has also changed to separate dialogs for user name and password, with a captcha. I'm getting used to it (though I still didn't see a "keep me logged in" option).

Issues fixed:

  • Login to MyBT from webmail navigation bar
  • Cursor jumping during message composition

Issues still not fixed:

  • Line breaks and word wrapping - applies to both old messages in my inbox, and to a new message received since logging in this morning.


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Re: BT Webmail Feedback v2 (post 16th April release)

Thanks. It's a shame we have to move though. The previous version of BT mail worked just fine.

Also, I wonder where they got these "programmers" and why the end users are the ones who have to get involved to fix their shoddy work. 

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Re: BT Webmail Feedback v2 (post 16th April release)

Whilst the line spacing seems to have been resolved (other than when creating a signature though all fine in the emails themselves), the issues with the font don't seem to have been fully fixed. The default font seems to be varying - for a signature, it is Arial but for the email body, it is Times New Roman. When using a default signature, you therefore get the first line in Times New Roman and then the rest is in Arial.

You either need to delete the first line and then use the rest of the email in Arial or have no default signature and then apply it on the email, which wipes out the Times New Roman line. 

Rather annoying considering this was supposed to be one of the fixes. If there was a setting available to change the default font so I could get it all to match, that would resolve it but I can't find this. 

Additionally, the wrapping issues remain with words cut off part way through and I believe the emails still jump to the start when typing.

@NickBS Can you advise on these issues?

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Re: New Email Format Keeps Blocking Images

After many weeks of the system working properly and getting
a new front page and a completely new system, this morning
the blocking of images has resurfaced, so the faulty code is
still in there somewhere.

I hope that you can find it and fix it forever, it is annoying but
not a fatal flaw.


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Re: BT Webmail Feedback v2 (post 16th April release)


... and I believe the emails still jump to the start when typing.

As noted in the edit to my message two before yours, it appears that the 'jumping cursor' has received attention. To provide more detail: I'd spent 30 minutes or so composing a reply to an email, breaking off to look details up from other sources. I didn't see the cursor jump at all during that time. I composed a similar reply last night with the previous version, and the cursor was jumping every minute.