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Possibly spam BT emails

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I received an email possibly from BT on Thursday saying Important Account Update which I ignored and deleted, then yesterday I got one saying Cancellation request processed and then another Cancellation request processed again today, I’m worried that the first might have been genuine and now I’m going to lose my email account. 
I have logged into the account just now and everything seems fine and no messages from BT as the first email said there would be.

Do you think they were scam or phishing emails?

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Re: Possibly spam BT emails

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It sounds like it was a phishing email. If there were links telling you to click on them in order to update or confirm your email account details it would certainly be a scam.

If you are a BT Broadband customer your email account will only be cancelled if you do not use it at some point in a 150 day period.

See link

Why has my email address been suspended or deleted? | BT Help


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