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Wrong number of email addresses listed in Premium

In my Premium email it says I have 7 of 11 addresses used but I only have 6 listed (which are correct).  I have been locked out of my account and had reset my password to two emails.

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Re: Wrong number of email addresses listed in Premium

Hi @Rob_B,

On the page that you can see the 6 emails, further down, does it mention a gifted email?

Have you been able to get back into your account?



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Re: Wrong number of email addresses listed in Premium

Hi @DanielS 

Yes I did get back in, had to set up 2FA, and I changed my passwords.  At some point in this process one of my emails wasn't listed, but subsequently was and I had the option to add it to my main address .  Under gifted emails and deleted emails , both have 0 next to them. 


I switched off 2FA, because it's a bit of a pain (I don't generally carry a phone with me and if I have to sign into my other email for a pin then I might as well not use this email).  I also use a number of browsers so trusted device registering is also tedious.  


However, going through and editing passwords in a browser the email I mentioned above as, which I added back, came up with suspicious activity, (my other logins didn't) so I had to go through the whole thing again.  This time I've left 2FA on.  I was wondering if my VPN is causing problems, but I haven't used that particular computer since last night and me changing editing passwords on this laptop.  My email list still has 6 listed, and says 7 of 11 used.


Rob B

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Re: Wrong number of email addresses listed in Premium

Hi @Rob_B

Thanks for posting back!

Sorry for the login problems.  I believe using a VPN would have caused the suspicious activity message you were seeing.  Thanks for setting up 2FA.  I m pleased you're back into your account again.

We'll need to look at why it's showing 7 of 11 used when you only have 6.  Especially as you haven't gifted any mailboxes.  I have sent you a private message with instructions on how you can send us over your details and we'll look into this for you. See: Private messages



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Re: Wrong number of email addresses listed in Premium

So BT got back to me, so the mystery of the 7th email is (partially) solved. However, I am unable to connect this email to may account. When I try to login I am immediately taken to this address:*******@btinternet.c...
(my stars), which just gives a blank page. I've tried with different browsers and switch all extensions off, and removed cookie restrictions. If I reload this page I get eventually to a page with "suspicious activity etc.." and get to security info (DOB, Postcode, security question). It is not my current security question, I cannot get any further as it just says some info is wrong. I have been through this process with my main email, at the beginning of this cycle of problems so I know I'm doing everything correct.
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