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Re: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on BT Broadband

I'd do the BT offer first so that in six months time you're rid of all this faff. Put it behind us all and move on.  But there's the unlikely possibility that the Gold trick stops working in that window of time.  Although it's worked for so long I can't see that happening.  

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Re: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on BT Broadband

Ok, thanks both for the reassurance. I can tolerate BT blocking me from adding more codes for 6 months, I just don’t want that 6mth lock to be 3 years after my soon to be new sub ends - because that would obviously be a pain in the **bleep**.


Yeah, Mogster the way you have outlined it is my plan. I’ll probably find a cheap 1mth Ultimate code to convert my Gold time, and let my sub run for a month or two to get under the 3yr/36mth cap. So I’ll probably activate the BT promo when I have 34mths remaining, just to be on the safe side.

Dumpster, I appreciate the advice regarding Turkey, I have seen that, and have bought games from foreign stores before. For some reason though doing this for a lengthy sub isn’t something I’m comfortable with. I’ll stick to UK codes despite the added expense.

 It was Monkey73’s situation that gave me some cause for concern, as his situation doesn’t seem to indicate that his BT promotion was getting added monthly.

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Re: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on BT Broadband

Coming up to a week now and the Product team haven't been able to fix the account management problem. Have GamePass codes sitting unable to be activated because my MS account shows that BT/EE still manage my account.

Struggle to understand how BT/EE can manage to mess this up so spectacularly leaving peoples accounts in limbo.

Have been on both live chat and the phone in the last week and the best solution an operator on the phone could come up with was to upgrade my broadband to get another 6 month GamePass subscription (and increase my contract length with BT). 

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Re: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on BT Broadband

Has your BT promotional Game Pass subscription expired, or are you trying to redeem codes while you still have the BT promotion topping up your sub on a monthly basis?


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Re: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on BT Broadband

@besmirched my gamepass expired on 17/10/22 - my account still shows as managed by BT/EE. So until I regain control of my account I can’t add my subscription codes.

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Re: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on BT Broadband

Been following this thread since July and keep getting updates.

I added my year in September and it has updated by one month in October as expected. If you go back to 28th July, two account holders seemed to have added codes to force it to revert back to MS. This may have been something to do with BT in the background, but both suggested that this corrected the issue.

Have you tried redeeming any codes?

I actually held off adding mine to a 2 year stack until the revert was confirmed!

Apologies if you already tried.

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Re: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on BT Broadband

@LGM  I haven’t tried that - but I’m wanting to do the 3 years of live -> gamepass trick and don’t want to waste a 12 month live code if it doesn’t work.

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Re: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on BT Broadband

I see, yeah that does sound like a massive pain in the **bleep**. Keep us posted though, I’m sure other users will be keen to know if this is now just a waiting game or if it is resolved some other way.

In the meantime, while you shouldn’t have to do this, you could use another Xbox account and have that use a GP Ultimate trial or a short subscription code. Your main account can then access Game Pass titles again. You either need to keep the dummy Game Pass account signed-in alongside your main account, or more conveniently you can use that account and set it as your Home Xbox account, thus sharing the subscription benefits.

I wouldn’t be happy with that, and it’s by no means a solution to your problem, but it at least gets you access to the GP catalogue again while you wait for this mess to be resolved.
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Re: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on BT Broadband

@besmirched  thanks for that - my son shares my Xbox account on his Series S so adding a new account wouldn’t allow him access on his console.

It gets stranger though - my mobile gamepass app has told me every day since 17th that my account expires ‘today’. I can’t redeem any of the gamepass quests for MS Reward points, my console dash has prompts to rejoin gamepass….but strangely I can still access and play Gamepass games. 

I just tried to add a code there and it was going to redeem live (and was offering me the free month to keep auto redeem on) but I don’t want to risk losing the code at this moment, would rather BT/EE just hand back control of my account.

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Re: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on BT Broadband

In that case I’d try buying a cheap 14 day trial code or a 1 month Ultimate code from cdkeys or elsewhere (about £3.50 I think), try redeeming that and see if it gets you access back to your account.