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Re: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on BT Broadband

Hey Wesley, yeah, from the instructions it sounded like it would be added on. I just edited my post after checking my Game Pass app, which states I've got GP Ultimate until 01/07/2025, which would be about right with the BT deal added on I think.

But that NME article makes it sound like BT take control of the account, so I can't redeem codes via Microsoft afterwards. I always prepay my subscription as it works out cheaper in the long run and want to be able to continue doing so. But my main concern was not losing all of my current prepaid amount.

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Re: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on BT Broadband

That's what I would expect. BT will however now be in control of your account and I don't think you'll be able to add any more stackable codes to the account until your 6/12 months with BT run out. You won't lose the ones stacked on the account at the moment though.

Then, when your 6/12 months with BT do expire, they may not return management of the account to Microsoft. However, from what others have said on this thread, redeeming a code on the Microsoft/Xbox site will transfer management back to Microsoft. It isn't ideal, but I'm not sure if BT have a way to do it.

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Re: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on BT Broadband

Thanks Wesley, that's much more reassuring.

It looks like @DanielS and @NeilO were able to get peoples' accounts back over to Microsoft earlier in the year, so they may be able to shed some light. For now I'll leave mine as is and see what happens.
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Re: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on BT Broadband

Do you know what your subscription end date was before adding the BT promotion? Old screenshot or something, perhaps?

Your post reads like your 6 or 12mth BT promotion was added in full. Do you believe that is the case?

Previous comments here suggested the BT promotional Game Pass Ultimate gets added on monthly until the 6/12 promo runs its course.

I also have Game Pass Ultimate stacked, recently got 36 months, which is the maximum you can stack. I have a 6mth promotion with BT that I have yet to add to my account. My plan was to let a month or two pass by so I get under the 36mth cap and then add the BT promotion, which I was expecting to get added-on monthly.

You’ve given me some cause for concern now though, although your insight and experience with this promotion is much appreciated. If the full BT promo gets added all at once then I’ll need to let 6mths pass by before adding my 6mth BT promo.

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Re: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on BT Broadband

Unfortunately I don’t. With so much stacked my advice would be to leave it alone. I still don’t know what mine is going to do exactly and it sounds like I’ll have to transfer it back to Microsoft’s side at some point.

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