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Re: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on BT Broadband

I’m now quite confused about how this offer works.

I’m already an Xbox Ultimate subscriber with 24 months coming as part of my Xbox All Access purchase.

I added my offer code from BT as from the T&Cs and description by the OP I read that my months would stack. However I can’t see anywhere in my BT account (which says it ends this time next year) or anywhere in my Xbox control panel or account to suggest that anything has ‘paused’ or stacked.

In effect it looks like for the next year I’m effectively paying twice - I hope that’s not the case as otherwise I’d like the offer code reissued so I can save it up for another time.

Please can you confirm if it does in fact stack and how I can check this?

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Re: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on BT Broadband

My code eventually worked, I had to actually enter it via the xbox one itself.

But like Mark, I have the same problem.  I don't know if my existing subscription has 'paused' or is running concurrently.   The one manage subscription button has no clues as to what is going on.

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Re: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on BT Broadband

Given that:

  • the offer says "12 months"
  • the redeem function however only seems to give people 1 month rolling at a time
  • the emails sent during the offer are unclear
  • the emails sent state that I will be charged £10 per month
  • the function to manage the subscription is severely limited
  • the only comfort is forum moderators telling us that they will know what we have and apply it accordingly

This really is not a reassuring, or robust process. This has clearly created anxiety and wasted people's time in trying to gain some reassurance that our £1,200 internet package is being managed appropriately. I'd rather not have an offer if it's a pain to redeem and keep track of. Really such a waste of time. 

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Re: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on BT Broadband

This really needs confirmation as I upgraded on the basis of information given at the time but we’re being given no assurance that we actually have a ‘paused’ subscription at Microsoft’s end (which I’m afraid I doubt now).

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Re: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on BT Broadband

Hi Everyone,

I've raised this with the team who are managing the Xbox game pass Ulitmate service, I have asked for your concerns to be addressed and we will update the thread when I get a response.

The Xbox game pass terms advise the following. 

3.     The Xbox Add-On is made available on a 30-day rolling contract. We’ll apply the charge to your Account each month until you ask us to remove it.

4.     Once you have activated the service the Xbox Add-On will be added to your account.  If you already have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate direct from Microsoft, it will automatically be updated to the Xbox Add-On on your next renewal date and added to your BT account. 

5.     We’ll apply the charge to your BT Account each month until you ask us to remove it.  You can cancel the Xbox Add-On at any time.  The service will be removed at your next renewal date, which is on the monthly anniversary of the Xbox Add-On being added.  If at the time of cancellation you have not already been billed for that period it will be charged in full on your next bill. 

6.      Xbox Add-On If you had an Xbox Games Pass direct from Microsoft and had accrued passes prior to taking the Xbox Add-On from BT, the accrued passes may still be available so you can access the services.



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Re: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on BT Broadband

Hi Everyone,

I can confirm that existing subscriptions will stack and BT’s will be the one that is used up first, i.e. it will be at the front. If you cancel the BT subscription then the stacked subscriptions would then move to the top and be used next. The stacked subscriptions can be checked in your Microsoft account and your MyBT account will only show the game pass Ultimate obtained via BT.



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Re: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on BT Broadband

Hello Neil

in one reply you have said existing subscriptions “may” be available - that doesn’t mean “will” as indicated elsewhere.

Also Microsoft do NOT show any existing subscriptions, what happens is you see a subscription billed by a ‘provider’ and nothing else.

In effect those of us that had a subscription, either applied by voucher or through All Access still don’t know if we are in essence ‘paying twice’ as there is nothing at either MS or BT end to show this.

We need to see more, clearer communication on this otherwise this could be a miss-selling issue frankly.

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Re: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on BT Broadband

Hi Neil,

Mine is the same as Mark.   My existing subscription (billed by MS yesterday) disappeared from the MS system and was replaced with EE/BT and a link.   I can no longer see my MS subscription on the MS site at all - I've no idea if I have lost the month I just paid for with them or it is stacked.  I also don't know if I'll also be billed by MS (this time next month).   It would be great if you could investigate this, maybe let your MS counterpart know there is an error with their system not displaying everything?

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Re: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on BT Broadband

BT, this really needs sorting please otherwise in my case I’m going to ask to rollback my service.

I’m simply not being given the confidence that I’m not missing out - and I’m evidently not the only one.

I could have lost nearly two years of Ultimate over this poor communication on both sides of the offer, BT and MS.

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Re: Xbox Game Pass Ultimate on BT Broadband

i am in the same boat as you guys now.


So i got my fibre upgraded. Once it was complete i got the email saying game pass for 12 months for free. i just assumed it would stack on my current GP sub, which goes to next year sometime( i cant remember date and now i cant see it because the BT one has over ruled the MS account as we all know).


i clicked the add button then got the email saying it was £10 a month. I contacted BT through normal method and tbh the person wasn't able to help me. They advised to email MS directly! 


So now i dont know whether to cancel the GP through BT which i only activated. What if the stacked sub is gone now through MS? i paid a good bit of money for it as we all know.


Any help would be appreciated Neil.

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