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Digital Voice Service


This query may be in the wrong forum so apologies!!

Digital Voice is away to kick in.
We pay for a land line but do not and have not used the land line for telephony for many years now.
We have an FTTC BB package that uses a portion of the land line to the prem from the cabinet over the road.

My question is after the old analogue phone line is 'retired' (BT's words) will I still be billed for a land line that is 'retired'
I pay for the BB and need clarification as to what happens billing wise regarding having no telephony.
Or will I still be charged for FTTC and the land line?????

Thank you in advance!!

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Re: Digital Voice Service

When you migrate to digital voice you can choose to delete "landline" service but that will require you to start a new contract with BT and, if you are still on an existing contract, you'll be hit with an early termination fee.
The monthly cost for a DV "landline" service is only around £3.00/month so it's not worth deleting it if you'll be hit with the early termination fee, and hardly worth doing it even without this fee.
If you keep the DV "landline" you'll get supplied with a Smarthub 2 which has a socket into which you plug your old landline phone, and of course you get to keep your old phone number.
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