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Re: Another SPOILER!!!

Whilst I totally understand what is being said, this "spoiler free" discussion has been going on for many years now.  The content is published as per the editor's requirements - they have their reasons for doing what they do.

A spoiler free option is provided on the web and in mobile apps, and I can only recommend that users either bookmark it (on the web), set it as their default screen (in the mobile apps - using the setting from the More tab), or don't read the page before clicking the spoiler free link.

Where spoilers are published in areas declared as spoiler-free, we can request that they be corrected. That's all we can do.

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Re: Another SPOILER!!!

I know you're not responsible for the content @DarrenDev. You are correct in stating this argument has been going on for years. The sad thing is, regardless of what must be countless interventions/requests by mods, BT still blindly see fit to employ an editor, or editors, who don't seem to care what the customer/mods have to say and who don't care to understand what a sports fan wants from the presentation of content on sites and/or apps. In certain areas Sky are just as bad, although it seems to be a bigger issue with BT presentation.

As for "don't read the page before clicking the spoiler free link", that made me laugh and I must assume it was said tongue in cheek. It's not easy to miss when it takes such prominence on the page as we all know. Just when you think BT thinking can't get any more absurd, suddenly it does 🤣

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Re: Another SPOILER!!!

It has also been said in the discussions here, that people come here to complain about what they specifically care about but there's rarely any representation to counter those arguments.  i.e. what seems like a big issue on here is actually very minor when you consider all users.

What you wouldn't see is customers coming here to complain that they're not seeing spoilers - instead, we'd just see that click rates drop to a fraction of what they were.

The titles are there to entice users to click, and users keep clicking them - that's considered success, and that's what drives the editors to continue doing what they're doing.

Take a look at the spoiler free page - it's pretty empty.  Just links to the event replays. Most of the content on the platform is analysis, reviews, highlights, key moments, etc - all of which need enticing titles.

And no - my comment wasn't tongue in cheek. If you don't want to see the scores/results then don't look down - the spoiler free link is right at the top. For this fight specifically, there are no images that give the result, no colours to indicate one way or the other - just a title "Vera stops Cruz with incredible head kick!" that I genuinely don't believe you could accidentally read if you knew you were going to switch to the spoiler free screen.  I do agree that you're more likely to read it if you didn't know about spoiler free, but that's a mistake you'd only make once.

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Re: Another SPOILER!!!

@DarrenDev, There's clearly a very blinkered way of thinking being encouraged at BT Towers. I'll leave this particular conversation. It does help to highlight though why I so infrequently visit these pages, which is a shame really when there is such potential to make it a much better platform for discussing all things BT 👍

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Re: Another SPOILER!!!

I write for myself @why_oh_why - I'm a developer, not a customer care rep or marketing person. I haven't been given any brief. 

You're welcome to your opinion.

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Re: Another SPOILER!!!

@why_oh_why  Couldn't agree with you more.

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Re: Another SPOILER!!!

Hi Everyone,

I'm going to lock this thread.

If you want the see spoiler-free replays, please remember to bookmark

Thank you.