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Poor Streaming on Chromecast via the BT Sport App


Posted a review on the Play Store about the poor quality of the streaming of live coverage and replays on the BT Sport app thats developed in the last month.

While watching the live channels cast to my TV, the audio is  off by about +/- 5 seconds or there about. 

When i have missed the live coverage of the MotoGP,  I have also had issues with the full race replays (ones with the 5 hours run time approx.) with the casting stop-starting every 1-2  second  with both the audio and image affected. This is irritating to try and watch.

I am not sure what has caused this issue as the app seemed to work fine up until about a month ago. The app is up to date and i have tried reinstalling it on my phone but the issue persists. I am also using the 'standard (for casting)' setting when opening the programme of choice. Playback when i watch on my phone itself is fine, the issue is just while casting. 

Any help would be appreciated. 

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Re: Poor Streaming on Chromecast via the BT Sport App

Hi Callum. I've seen your multiple reviews, and also your emails (to which I've replied to one).
Some customers/devices are having issues with Google's new Chromecast player. We're working closely with Google to understand why and hopefully fix it - our next call with them is on Thursday.
For now, I'm afraid there's nothing we can do to fix it.
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Re: Poor Streaming on Chromecast via the BT Sport App

I have an update on my issues with the Sport app. I updated it during the week and streaming so far seems to be ok for audio. I haven't tried any replays at the moment so cannot mention on it 

Issue I'm now coming across is when I am casting live channels,  I cannot access the app. If I do so, I can get on the home page, it goes unresponsive then bounces to my phone's lock screen and cycles between the lock screen and a black screen until the phone auto-restarts or I switch it off.

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Re: Poor Streaming on Chromecast via the BT Sport App

Sorry to hear that, however that's not something the app could do - it's not something ANY app could do. If an app misbehaves, the system terminates it. It's possible that there's a bug in Google Play Services that's causing the Chromecast controller (the thing that appears in the notification bar when you're connected to Chromecast) to lock up?

Also, the issues with Chromecast are nothing to do with the app, and app updates won't change the behaviour. The issues are in the Chromecast player, which is updated on the server without any app changes.

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