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Problems recording on BT Sport

Hi all, 

I recently recorded 2 games on Saturday as love college football.   My hub is 18 months old, I've had recordings stop in the past, or not record at all and on Saturday one game recorded for 25 seconds, the other didn't record at all.

I rang up about other recordings not being successful and they told me

1 they don't know what the cause is

2 all they can do is send out a new box meaning I lose my current recordings.


Any suggestions?   I'm paying alot for a not very good service.    Not good enough BT!

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Re: Problems recording on BT Sport

Hi @reddwarf99 ,

Which BT tv Box are you using the Bt Tv Box Pro or and earlier model. 

Also which games did you have the recording issue on which channel on Saturday. 

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Re: Problems recording on BT Sport

Hi zulu17


I have a G4 recordable box and a BT Sport Hub 2


The programmes Ive had issues with were as follows:


BT Sport 3 Alabama @ Arkansas....recorded 25 seconds

BT Sport 4 NC State @ Clemson.   failed to record


In the past couple of weeks the following have also had issues:

BT Sport 1.  Collingwood v Sydney Swans....last hour of game failed to record.


If you could offer any advice / expertise I would really appreciate it.

Many thanks

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Re: Problems recording on BT Sport

On Saturday the  World Padel  Tour programming would have  overrun its original schedule EPG slot on Bt Sport 3. That probably resulted in the following programme not being broadcast and perhaps some filler programming added before they got back onto the  live College Football at around 8:30. I suspect those events contributed to your 25 second recording. The EPG on the Bt Tv box did not seem to alter or be updated but suffice  to say it didn’t match the actual broadcast programming in the lead upto 8:30.

Don,t have any view on the later BT Sport 4 non record.

General observation  currently the BT Tv Box Pro has accurate recording capability for the BT Sport channels whereas the earlier boxes do not. That would mean the earlier boxes would record based upon EPG timings whereas the BT Tv Box Pro would work off data supplied for each programme that should enable an accurate recording to take place. My own user experience to date is that does work well on some programming but there are still issues on significantly extended  or reduced programming and also the  recording on programming on those channels that follow  events that have had their scheduled durations significantly altered.

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Re: Problems recording on BT Sport





Thanks for your well informed and explained message.   It all makes sense and seems that if the programme before overruns then that would impact my recording.


Thank you again, much more helpful than BT phonecalls.


Kind regards