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Problems using BT Sports

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Hello BT Sports, I am a BT subscriber and I previously used my Samsung TV for the BT Sports app.

I recently changed my TV to a Phillips TV with Android OS but I cannot find the BT sports app on the android TV app store, it just says the bt sports app is not available for the version.

I resorted to watching live content on my iPhone 13 pro max and cast it to my TV, that used to work fine until recently every time I try it, I get a message saying "An error occurred playing the content(with some code)" and it never shows the live content again.

I have tried using an amazon fire tv stick and a Roku device but I cannot seem to install the BT sports app on both devices, it does not exist on their respective app stores.

fire tv stick 


Please help me with suggestions, I have a subscription but I cannot use it on my devices 

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Re: Problems using BT Sports

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@ade885 linking to shopping sites isn't allowed on these forums - I suspect a moderator will be along shortly to remove them.

Regarding your issue - the BT Sport app is available for all of the devices you've mentioned, but only if the device is registered with a UK account. Is there any chance you've used an account registered in a different country?

E.g. for your Android TV, check this article: How to change your Google Play country - Google Play Help

You can also try using this link, when logged into your browser with your Google account: BT Sport - Apps on Google Play - if it says the app isn't available for your device, let me know the reason it provides.

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