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So can I pay via PayPal or not then?

I recently had to change bank accounts, my old account now has no money in it so my BT Sport account has been inactive for the last week or so. I now urgently want to reactivate it but have hit a wall. When I go to re-subscribe, they only give me the option to fill in card details - my new card is in the post and won't arrive in time for what I urgently want to watch on BT - this would be annoying & archaic enough but what's more frustrating is this little dropdown menu which tells me all the ways I can supposedly pay, INCLUDING PayPal (the only thing I can do this week), but nowhere to click to indicate that's what I want to pay with. So can I pay with PayPal or not? Why the mixed messages and/or why such poor website design from a massive company like BT? If I can't view what I want to view tomorrow, I won't bother re-subscribing that's for sure.

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Re: So can I pay via PayPal or not then?

Hi @sj5522 welcome to the community and thanks for posting, I'm sorry Paypal is not a payment option for the BT Sport Monthly pass.


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