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any changes to BT TV package, causes the HD TV Sport package to be removed

has anyone else experienced this?

I recently subscribed to BT TV and have found a continual string of bugs and issues with the system. In this case, when I added the NOW TV Entertainment pack, I found that my HD TV package was automatically removed. I was unable to re-add it myself due to another bug. I had to phone support to get is added again.

More recently, because I found that the NOW TV app was so bug-ridden, I decided to remove the NOW TV Entertainment package after one month and AGAIN, my HD TV Sports package was automatically deleted from BT Sports. Furthermore, not only am I unable to add it again, even BT support cannot add it again because who ever dealt with the ticket left it open, so no changes can be made to my subscription until the ticket is closed.

After four days of frustrating phone calls and listening to promises and excuses, I hear that I am going to have to wait at least another five days for someone to close the ticket, then they might be able to re-add the HD TV package to BT Sports.

Honestly I would have to say, that aside from the interminably repeated recorded message which is played over and over whilst I am held in the call queue, telling me that 'our customers are important to us, sorry for the delay', I have seen no evidence at all that customer service matters to BT


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