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Bt sport 1 programming last night

Last night the Live Padel quarter finals continued (thankfully) past its original 8pm finish on BT Sport 1HD by about 45 minutes. The schedules on the BT Tv pro Box and the BT Sport app seem not to have updated with respect to the actual broadcast programming. So they  indicated that the broadcast (on now ) programme after 8pm was Premier League Stories  and after 8:30 The Beautiful Game.  Whereas the Padel was broadcast up to about 8:45 and then it seems a series of the Football shirts worn shorts until the next live programming (hockey Argentina women at 10pm). So the Premier League Stories and The Beautiful Game were not broadcast but any viewer looking at the schedules at the time would believe they were being broadcast and would not be aware that the live Padel was being broadcast unless they actually viewed the channel.


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Re: Bt sport 1 programming last night

Thank you very much @zulu17.

I know it's a bit late now but I've highlighted this to the BT Sport programming team.


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Re: Bt sport 1 programming last night

Thank you for raising  @DanielS .

Well the process  being followed by BT TV  for handling  live  overrunning  BT Sport programming clearly is not working . more issues today

today Saturday the Padel semifinal coverage which I had set to record on BT Sport 3 HD stopped recording at 1pm ie at its original scheduled completion time at set point in the first set of the mens match, 

it great that BT are showing the WPT events but really the management of the TV schedules and the inevitable overruns is significantly reducing the enjoyment. This is particularly disappointing as  there is a process to handle liveoveruns on the main BT Sport channels.

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