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Failed recordings and BT Sport Ultimate issues

Looking for help with recordings of Premiership Rugby. I’ve experienced two issues: 

1. The series link doesn’t recognise recordings on BT Sports 3 on the occasion the rugby is on that channel. Despite the series link being for “all channels”

2. I tried to record the rugby last night. It was on on BT Sport 2 and Ultimate. That means the series link defaults to Ultimate. However, I’m left with 3 hours of the Ultimate promo video as nothing was on the channel despite being in the guide.

Any help appreciated.

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Re: Failed recordings and BT Sport Ultimate issues

I believe 

Worcester's Premiership match at Gloucester on Friday was cancelled because of injuries, illness and Covid-19 in the Warriors squad.

so presumably the EPG  guide was not updated and the recording proceeded. 

It does seem that the EPG was eventually updated. 

On your first point  you mention the "series link  being for all channels " , I don't believe this is the case  here  as different series Crids  are being used ,


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