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Incorrect listings sky Atlantic.

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we are trying to watch and record the new last of us tv series on BT as it will have subtitles and using the now tv app on our smart tv doesn’t. However. The listing for the 2am airing is incorrect. It says it’s going to be city on a hill, it’s on for the time it should be on and the time that the last of us should be on for. We tried recording it last night just incase but the recording has understandably errored and won’t let us view it (we don’t want to watch city on a hill) we did watch it through the now tv app today but my partner is hard of hearing and does really benefit from subtitles. We have tried disconnecting from the internet and retuning the channels but it hasn’t seemed to have worked. We thought it was a one off but it’s doing it again for next Monday at 2am and saying it’s the same series city on a hill.


i know we could watch it live at 9pm but we tend to settle down to watch tv around 8 and prefer to watch with minimal adverts so being able to fast forward through them would help, it’s the reason we got the recordable box after all. 

the air time for city in a hill is 1hr 5min but at 2am it is saying it starts at 12:50am - 3:05am but the last of us today was/should have been  from 2am - 3:10am 

Up until the episode of the last of us has started airing it was listed as a game of thrones episode for the 9pm showing. It only seems to be this channel but that may just be because that’s the channel we are trying to figure out. 

thanks in advance for any help We just can’t seem to be able to record the 2am showing for us to watch because it’s not appearing on the listing 

We have deleted the recording of city on a hill from 2am today but forgot to take note of the error code. It said to ensure our connection to the box was ok but it was, all other recordings worked fine

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Re: Incorrect listings sky Atlantic.

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Hi @Popticle 

Unfortunately If  the broadcaster or its supplier fail to update the schedule as seems to be the case with NOW Sky Atlantic  here there will be issues with recordings. Looking at Sky own listings and comparing them with those on BT TV  342/357 Sky Atlantic for both Monday 16 and 23 the discrepancies are clear. Disappointing as one of the programmes affected is the much promoted  first broadcast of “The last of Us”. 
 I will highlight issue to mods so hopefully it can be cleared up in time for next Monday.

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Re: Incorrect listings sky Atlantic.

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Thanks - we're investigating
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Re: Incorrect listings sky Atlantic.

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Sorry, forgot to reply yesterday. We had confirmation on Tuesday evening that the listings had all been fixed. It was an editorial issue by our supplier and they have been reminded how important the launches of these high-profile US series are for viewers.