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Sky sports 4k/uhd


Virgin media has now added main event uhd as well as sky sports uhd 1 and 2.

Given sky cinema and entertainment was added ages ago to virgin via on demand,
bt now has the weakest offering with only BT sport UHD, iplayer, netflix and amazon prime as its only source for 4K content.

I think these need to be added. 

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Re: Sky sports 4k/uhd

You would have to assume that unless a separate deal can (or has) been done, you would have to wait until NOW carries the UHD streams, which with the launch of Sky Stream, is less likely than ever as it would cannibalise that new business (errr...), stream.

Keep your fingers crossed they agreed something as part of the deal that made BT Sport Ultimate/Discovery+ available on Sky.

If they have, I suspect they would use it as part of the marketing fanfare around the launch of "EE TV". If they haven't, well, I agree the choice for the consumer is even more stark than ever if you want that type of content. 

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Re: Sky sports 4k/uhd

I would question whether or not BTTV customers having access to Sky UHD channels is dependent upon direct NOW customers also being given access. There’s supposed to be a reciprocal agreement which sees BT and Sky having access to each other’s channels which extends into the next decade. However, it’s conceivable that NOW as a brand might have ceased to exist by then. BTTV customers are currently regarded as third party subscribers to the NOW packages/channels, but would, presumably, continue to have access to the Sky channels by whatever means is deemed necessary at any given time under the agreement.

I concur with @stereohaven that BTTV customers may need to wait until the rebrand to EETV before more is made available in terms of Sky UHD channels as well as some of the missing apps. I find it inconceivable that there hasn’t been some sort of deal agreed. As a BTTV customer who continues to subscribe separately to NOW directly for the Sky Sports channels at a healthy discount, I would certainly be interested in having access to Sky UHD Sport channels at the right price on BTTV.