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Fibre Available Across the Road but Not At New Address


I am potentially moving to a new build property that was done in 2008. I have had a look at BT DSL Checker to see why speeds offered were so low (7Mb/s).

Results below show the property I am potentially moving to is connected via cabinet 58 and the properties across the road are connected via the same cabinet who can get up to 900mb/s.

My Results:


The Houses across the Street results (Fibre packages are available to these properties already):



Not too sure how this works? Is there any posibility for me to get fibre on this basis as 7Mb/s is awful and Other Broadband providers that dont use BT lines are not installed in the area either. 




Edit** The property i would be moving into is closer to the cabinet than the address with fibre so I do not believe this would be an issue either.

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Re: Fibre Available Across the Road but Not At New Address

Are the houses that can get FTTP part of the same Development?

If so it’s possible they were part of a later build phase when it became the norm to provide FTTP instead of Copper, which prior to 2016 BT/Openreach had a USO to provide every property an individual Metallic Pair back to an Exchange so that they had to option of using an LLU Provider.

Or it could be the houses across the road paid for a Community Funded Fibre Connection.

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Re: Fibre Available Across the Road but Not At New Address

Ater checking it looks like the properties oposite side of the road were built in 2011 rather than 2008. So built at seperate times maybe this shows why?


Was hoping there would be some options to get faster speeds than the 11Mb/s being offered due to the amount of work load me and my housemates do.


Any suggestions for options regarding this? Even a 30Mb/s connection would be a lot better than 11Mb/s offered so far.

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Re: Fibre Available Across the Road but Not At New Address

from what you have posted your street cabinet does not look like it has had a fibre upgrade (new cab) so no FTTC available

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