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Issues with getting Virgin Media service.


I recently moved to a new property and wanted to install a gigafast pack. I chose Virgin media because I was already an O2 customer.


Anyway, it's been two months since I initially reached out to hire their services and they keep pushing my installation forward claiming that there's some diggin work needed and they needed permission from the council to perform it.


I'm not getting any updates on the situation and no estimation on when (or if) the work will start.

Apparently, the previous tenant had Sky installed, although I only see a coper cable and one old BT box. After checking in the broadband checker, here's the data I see for my address:


I understand Virgin Media has it's own infrastructure. Would going with a service that uses openreach (I'm thinking Sky) make the installation go faster?

I'm really new to this whole deal. So any help you can  provide is highly appreciated.  


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Re: Issues with getting Virgin Media service.


Welcome to this user forum for BT Residential phone and broadband customers.

This forum can only advise on BT products and services, and discussion of other providers is not permitted.

As you are considering Sky, then they have their own user forum, so it would be best to ask there, as they do use Openreach, but also have their own fibre network that does not use Openreach.



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Re: Issues with getting Virgin Media service.

I think you are confusing BT with Openreach. This community is only for discussion about the services offered by the BT ISP.