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IPC6023 error after FTTP install

Finally FTTP installed after 7 months but error code appears when trying to access BT subscription products - done all the usual resets/restarts with hub/box and Openreach box but still same issue.  BT engineer requested but could take days and I don’t hold out much hope of them fixing it - seems from other threads Openreach may need to tweak but obviously can’t contact them directly - back to the black hole of communication!!! Any ideas anyone????

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Re: IPC6023 error after FTTP install

If it was OK prior to FTTP then it could just be an account problem which the mods on here can fix.

You say you've done all the resets/restarts but does your ONT have a battery backup? if so and all you have done is witch it off at the mains then you haven't switched it off.

Also did you leave it (say) 30 seconds (at least) before powering back up? 

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Re: IPC6023 error after FTTP install

Hi - we don’t have battery back-up , only the small white ONT box. Tried both (taking plug out and disconnecting from box) - so apparently battery back up no longer provided?

As you say, I’m hoping it’s a subscription/multicast issue that can be fixed - but when I called BT they said wait til midnight and it should sort itself out, which it hasn’t!!! 

Thanks for your help!

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Re: IPC6023 error after FTTP install

No, and it's not going to sort itself out either, this error is so routine now that I'm surprised BT (apparently) haven't included the corrective action to be taken into the scripts that the Customer Services Operatives, at least then there would be no need for them to spin such yarns.

Luckily some of the mods (e.g. @NeilO ) are well acquainted with this problem and the solutions, I'm sure one of them will pick up on this thread and have you sorted out in no time.

Edit. No, as I understand it, battery backup is no longer required as it was there to support a legacy service which is no longer available

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Re: IPC6023 error after FTTP install

Ring BT and speak with the connections team, chances are your BBEU hasn't updated which is why the BTTV isn't working, it's not a complicated fix and takes around 30-40 minutes at most.

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Re: IPC6023 error after FTTP install

Thank you - hopefully @NeilO  will be our saviour! To say the whole process from start to finish for FTTP install has been a complete farce is an understatement…..

Obviously lots of customers with the same KNOWN  issue so surely a simple fix….


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Re: IPC6023 error after FTTP install

Hi @SC7 

Thanks for posting, I've sent you a private message asking for some more details so we can investigate this for you.

We are very busy at the moment so could be a few days, but we'll do our best to resolve it.