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BT won't turn on a 4g mini hub

We first raised a fault with the network on 28th February 2023 and since then its been back and forward with BT and Openreach. Both engineers from both companies have both said that putting fibre in is the best option but then they say no everytime.

We get speeds of 2.5mbps max and it fluctuates throughout the day going off completely several times a day.

We have had 5 mini hubs now all which have been turned off by BT. Today the WiFi completely gave out and after 4 attempts of BT lying saying that they have successfully put the Hub on it still is deactivated and on the 5th attempt they have said its a wide spread problem across the whole country. Is this true is anyone else without a 4g mini hub working? 

Would appreciate any insight anyone can give me.

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