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Contract cancelled

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I had a contract cancelled, apparently some provider was trying to take over BT for my restaurant.

I didn't answer to their email but called them as soon I got a letter and by phone they reassured me that all was sorted and nobody was taking over their services. 

This happened in December, during the most busy time of the year for restaurants. Can't tell the mess and how much money I have lost with no phone line and no internet.

I first dealt with ombudsman, and with no recorded calls of course they put me in the wrong position as I didn't answer to their emails.

I have now received a third party collector company asking £800, I have an email that say extra charge for cancelling the contract is far more less (£138).

I can’t get access to recorded calls, so no choice for me to prove I called when needed, to tell them I didn't ask to change provider.

Customers service told me that even business are allowed to request recorded calls, but when I asked twice "no" was the final answer.

What can I do now? 

Is really unfair, maybe someone in their offices just forgot to sorted this when I called and for that I must pay!!!  

or is probably something they do in purpose to get extra money????

Can someone please tell me if is worth it to take legal action against BT? I prefer to give those money to a good lawyer but not to BT, is too unfair!!!!

thanks a lot to anybody who will help.




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Re: Contract cancelled

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as a business user you need to post here

this is a residential forum

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Re: Contract cancelled

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Thanks I thought I was there already sorry
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