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Who’s who in the BT community

Ever wondered who’s helping you sort your broadband or giving you the best advice on new tech? Here’s our rundown of who’s who in the BT community.


The Community Leaders

The Community Leaders are users who don’t work for BT but have loads of amazing knowledge and spend their spare time sharing their expertise, advice and experience.

Think you’d make a good Community Leader? Find out who what we’re looking for from this link, How to become a Community Leader.


The Moderators

The Moderators are here to help with queries and issues. They make sure everyone is following community rules and guidelines.



RobbieMac – Robbie has been working at BT since 2006, he has worked on various channels including broadband support, billing, and Social Media. Robbie became a Community Moderator around 2013 and has loved every minute of it.  Although challenging at times he gets enjoyment out of resolving complex broadband issues for our community members. He’s an avid online gamer and worships his PS4 console. He also enjoys cue sports like Snooker and Pool in his spare time.





DavidM –  has been with BT since early 2006.  Dave has spent most of this time working in social media. Dave’s main interest outside of the family is music. He is an avid Thin Lizzy fan, but any rock/metal will do. Dave is also a lifelong Liverpool fan. Dave doesn’t like Politics as this subject really grinds his gears.





PaddyB.pngPaddyB – Has been working for BT from January 2006. In his time with the company he has had a number of different roles in customer service, most of his time has been spent in the Social Media and Community teams. Paddy finds working on the community is challenging at times but extremely rewarding. He spends his time out of work with his family, Paddy has a 2-year-old daughter who pretty much runs the show at home with her best friend Miya the Doberman. Paddy is a lifelong Liverpool supporter and enjoys gaming online when he gets the chance. Being a proud South African, If the sun is out so will his BBQ or braai as they call it in South Africa.




NeilO.pngNeilO – has worked for BT since 2004 and has been a Moderator on the community since 2013. Over the years Neil has had many different roles from working on BT’s social media teams (Twitter) to case managing director level complaints but he feels that working on the community is the most fulfilling and interesting job that he has held within the company. Neil enjoys playing PS4 in his spare time, Fifa and COD are his go-to games at the moment but he also enjoys a good action-adventure game like Red Dead redemption. Neil also really enjoys cooking and has recently taken up gardening and started a veg patch which he hopes will complement his culinary endeavours with fresh produce.




DanielS - Danny has worked for BT since 2009. In his 11 years with BT, he has worked for us through many channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and our Director and Chairman’s teams.
He joined the Community as a member in 2010 but it wasn’t until early 2016 that he achieved his goal of becoming a Moderator. He now splits his time between the Community
and helping other advisers as a Coach. Outside of work, he spends his time with his wife, two young Sons and their energetic dog. He’s also a keen gamer and loves all things technical.




JohnC2 - Has worked for BT since 1998 and has worked in many different departments at that time. John joined the Community in 2016 and would have to say it has been the best team he has worked with. John’s spare time is spent watching many sports and badly playing some sports. He likes a good comedian and going to local comedy nights. John also likes to watch a good TV program like Line of Duty but cannot stand reality TV programs.





The Community Manager


SeanD1.pngSeanD has worked for BT since 2006 and spent the majority of that time working on the community in some capacity. He has worked across broadband sales, billing and technical support. In the last few years, he’s been working as the Community Manager and absolutely loves it because every day is a school day. He’s a family man, so much of his spare time is spent with his better half and four kids who keep him busy. He’s a movie and series addict and likes nothing more than a good Netflix binge. He also enjoys gaming online with his Xbox but doesn’t get as much time for it as he’d like. He’s a sports fan with football (a Man United fan of course) and MMA being top of the list, but he will watch almost any sport except cricket.




The Subject Matter Experts

Subject Matter Experts are BT employees who dedicate some of their time to sharing information and supporting the community. They might ask you for more details if they think they can help, but it’s worth remembering that they do this in their own time so might not be around all the time to help. But not to worry, the moderators are always around and available to help.


The BT TV expert

The BT TV Experts help out with all things BT TV including some broadband issues.


The BT devices expert

The BT Devices Experts cover anything to do with BT devices such as Complete Wi-fi, BT Home Hubs or Whole Home Wi-fi.


The BT Sport expert

The BT Sport Experts help out with all things Sport related including the BT Sport app