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16 year old can order BT wifi using his own card - why


I stopped my son's wifi for two days as he got too addicted into the mobile games. Just now I found that he is now using BT wifi as he told his younger brother he subscribed BT wifi for 15 pounds per month.

I checked BT wifi page and found it is 12 months subscription. This is really annoying. BT seems does not check customer's age, and does not do any credit check before giving out 12 months subscription? 

I checked BT web site and cannot found any age limit in the terms and conditions. Thus BT does not care if it is a 16 years old or 18 years old buying their service. I am trying to limit the screen time for my son to help him to focus on more useful things. But a 16 years old can buy WIFI from BT just completely ruined my plan.

In addition, I know my son's bank account still have money to pay the service for couple of months. What will happen if he cannot pay after all his money is used? Is the parent responsible to pay for him?

I seriously ask BT to answer my queries.

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Re: 16 year old can order BT wifi using his own card - why

This is a BT customer to customer forum, it’s not necessarily a place to question ‘BT’, although BT employees are the forum moderators.

AFAIK, you can pay for BTWIFI access by credit or debit card ( presumably both need the card holder to be at least 18 ),  direct debit (presumably the bank has done due diligence if they allow under 18 to set up DD, )or you can buy a voucher/vouchers ( so no difference to some PAYG mobile top ups ).

As far as someone else being ‘responsible’ for the under 18’s finances in this case, I suppose that would depend on the T&C’s of the bank account the under 18 has, payment being made from that account , and if an adult had to act as a guarantor for the bank account,  is it an assumption  or fact that the 12 month contract for BTWIFI  is  12 direct debits from the under 18’s bank account ?.

Arbitrarily stopping the DD or removing funds from the account so the DD ‘fails’ may involve the bank checking their T&C’s and possibly involving a guarantor, so best to check that before acting.

If your son is accessing the same home hub as they would normally do ‘for free’ , just via BTWIFI, then there are other ways to block his devices , if another BTWIFI signal is available then restricting access is much harder, and the ingenuity of people his age normally find a work around anyway.

You suggest some sort of due diligence failure on BT’s part, internet access isn’t like alcohol or cigarettes and restricted to over 18’s

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Re: 16 year old can order BT wifi using his own card - why


BT obviously realized something. I really hope they do more to make sure everything is correct, not just added the confirmation of age of 18+ on the login page.

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