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18185 and VOIP

We are about to be migrated from copper wire to VOIP via our Smart hub2.  Will I still be able to make use of the 18185 network service to make cheap transatlantic calls on this new platform?  

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Re: 18185 and VOIP

It should function in exactly the same way as before. Rather than paying a reduced fee, have you considered making international calls via WhatsApp through WiFi because it'd be totally free then...

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Re: 18185 and VOIP

Thanks for your reply, Nigel.  Yes, we do use WhatsApp and other methods, but this is to a landline in the USA to my very aged mother-in-law who can still use her phone quite well but is less confident with these newer ways of communicating.  I'm reassured by your reply, and let's hope everything carries on as before.  

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Re: 18185 and VOIP

It's not good news on this one.  Here is my reply from 18185:

"Unfortunately BT blocks the use of Carriers selection codes like ours when using DV (Digital Voice). If you would like more information here, please contact BT (0800800150)

Alternatively, you can use our special access numbers.

The special access numbers and the corresponding rates can be found on our website under 'Mobile Rates'."

Any other suggestions would be welcome.

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Re: 18185 and VOIP

It says on the 18185 website:  'Alternatively, you can use our special access numbers.  The special access numbers and the corresponding rates can be found on our website under 'Mobile Rates'.'

So I had a look under the 'Mobile Rates' section, and found that the special access number is 0808 1 703 703.  I wasn't sure this was going to work for a UK landline to UK landline call, so I tried it out by phoning my dad's landline (in Cheshire) from my landline (in Lancashire) - and it seemed to work!  It took a little longer to connect than usual, a woman's voice said 'please wait a moment', then I heard the usual '2p per minute' message and I was connected to my dad!

I'll be checking both my BT billing and 18185 billing, but I'm optimistic.  It's a bit of a drag to have to dial so many numbers (the access code mentioned above, then the area code and phone number were 22 digits in total!), but if that means I'm paying 2p per minute to 18185 instead of 16p per minute to BT I'll be doing it. 

Hope this info is helpful to others who use 18185 and have had their phone service changed over to digital voice.


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Re: 18185 and VOIP

Yes, we too have discovered the special access number, and it does work (we call the USA).   We have the first number on speed dial on one of our old phones, and after the announcement we have the second number - of our relative in the USA - on another stored push-button, so we don't need to dial all the numbers every time.  It takes a little longer to get through, but the savings are well worth it.  You can't do that second step with one of BT's new phones - it has to be on one of the older ones.