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2.4ghz bandwidth

Upgraded to full fibre 100 with the hybrid connect and so far I'm pretty annoyed..first the engineer says ain't got a clue what all that is.. no problem though as he upgrades my kit leaving the my original smart hub two and leaves..


So while there I have no issues pulling 125-145mb over WiFi and everything seemed great.. 

He left and said you will have small phone disconnection that will knock out the router for s short while.. everything looked ok.

Now I can have laptop a foot away from the smart hub and it will frequently switch between 2.4ghz and 5ghz.. when connected to 5 I will get around 120mb.. it switches to 2.4ghz and the speeds are poor in comparison, now I am wondering how I am meant to get what I pay for?

When on 2.4 I am lucky if I get 70mb

So I am wondering what I can be done to boost it?

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Re: 2.4ghz bandwidth

The problem with 2.4 (with is being a longer ranged wave) is that everything connects to 2.4 (car alarms baby monitors) with a smart hub 2 the SSID’s are already split so going to your devices network settings and forgetting the 2.4 network access point ensures the device never connects to that and only connects to 5ghz

regardless of distance if the device decides to pull the 2.4 since it can be longer range and more universal it won’t prioritise.


try forgetting the 2.4 through the network settings for that one device 

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Re: 2.4ghz bandwidth

the main issue is that the HUB2 demands that the 2.4 and the 5 wifi bandwidths have the same ssid name, this means you cannot choose which you want your device to use.


Your device will then decide what it wants to connect to, not what you want it to connect to.


turning off the 2.4 GHz will force the phone to 5GHz but many devices need to connect to the 2.4, especially Smarthome devices.


Hopefully BT will issue a firmware update to allow the user to choose what wireless they want their devices to use.

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Re: 2.4ghz bandwidth

As it was a deliberate decision to remove the option that was present in previous versions of the hub I very much doubt that there will be a firmware update to restore it on the SH2.

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Re: 2.4ghz bandwidth

It is such a pain having to disable the 5GHz to get smart stuff to connect and then restart 5GHz and hope that phones etc will connect to the 5GHz and hope that some smart stuff doesn't try and jump channels, the reason for having to turn off the 5GHz in the first place.


Ho Hum, must be the future.

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