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Hi, I've made a couple posts in regards to my BT fibre broadband instillation disaster but i have received no support from BT's end or Openreach's end. This will be the last time i try,

The situation is very confusing but to explain it very briefly, i placed an order for BT full Fibre back in March Of 2020, we have been given over 20 different installation dates which have been pushed back every time.

Multiple complaints to both BT and Openreach with no solution what so ever... ive complained multiple times over the phone and on the online form, to then receive a phone call from BT saying "we are looking in to your complaint now" and then around 10 minutes after the call i receive an email saying "the complaint has been closed" ,

To explain the Job we have applied for both my neighbours have full FTTH, which was installed years ago without us being told, so as soon as we could , we hopped on and ordered it, the job consists of a 20m duct from Road (BT manhole Cover) to a shed at the bottom of our drive, which has all been agreed on and is 90% done ( the duct and cable is in place, all that needs to be done is the connection). Now this plan has changed and developed a lot since the initial order as there were a few complications so a planner came round and gave us the most simple solution, which is the current job. the most recent update to the job was Openreach turning up on the 8th of June to pull 130m worth of cable from the Fibre hut to our manhole cover, we got this information from the traffic management that turned up on the day so it could be false, however we were told that the engineer wasn't allowed to pull more then 120m of cable so another team or company (not too sure which) needed to turn up to pull the rest, it turns out that that second team didn't turn up so therefore the traffic management needed to be rebooked, for this job on the 8th the traffic management was booked in January of this year and was booked for the 8th, so Openreach had that long to organise and make sure they knew what the job was , but they still managed to turn up completely unprepared. But now as the permit ran out they have had to arrange new traffic management, and as i was curious i had a look on the gov website for my area to look at the road closures, and a new date of the 6th of September which is completely Unfair. 

I understand completely that there is alot more to a fibre installation then what i know, however if someone has been waiting for 18+ months for fibre , surely someone somewhere can see that this is an issue and it should be on the top of the list to get done , we are talking about the biggest companies in this department cant organise pulling a cable from one place to another. 

All i ask is for some support from BT to get this job looked at by someone higher up the chain. PLEASE HELP ME

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The moderators here cannot help with FTTP orders you would have to speak to the FTTP team on 0800 587 4787, however I doubt they can help, as its Openreach that provide the network.

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