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4 Cancelled Orders after home move

Hey all,

Moved into a new house over a week ago and was due to be connected day 1 to BT. Unfortunately the previous owners left a day or two of overlap and BT kept cancelling my orders. Now I am following up with customer support, they appear to be helpful but keep going over the same information and keep telling me the line is still marked as in use in the system (even though it went offline a week ago).

They sent me a mini hub which is a nice gesture but totally useless to me. I work remotely and connect through a hardware VPN and my father who lives with us is in the same situation, so we are both unable to work. Really wish these minis had an ethernet output and decent antennas as I am seeing around 3mbps average.

So not sure what to do now, no one is committing to a date and say it's in the hands of Openreach.

I have had no issues with the BT staff and don't want to be an **bleep** as I believe what they say. But I need a date because I'm in a busy period at work.

Thoughts or anyone else who has experienced this?




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Re: 4 Cancelled Orders after home move


This should have been done as a working line takeover where BT take over the existing line, and the current occupants are informed of this, and need not take any action.

If however they prevent this from happening, and simply cease their service, the the BT orders will fail until their service has been totally ceased, which could take up to 10 days.


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Re: 4 Cancelled Orders after home move

What sort of connection is it , copper or FTTP ?, unfortunately if the previous occupant has not indicated that their service is to ‘stop’ , the process for you to be allowed to take over use of the line isn’t instant , there is a delay built in , it could be to minimise their early termination charges the previous occupant has deliberately not notified their provider, or if they arranged a ceased of the line but dated it in the future you taking the line before that date is reached may be difficult , although you would imagine that their service would be still active if that were the case. ( not that it would be any use to you unless they were also BT customers )
When you say the line went off a week ago, that isn’t the normal process with BTw providers ( there still would be a soft dialtone , but no calls allowed apart from to customer services or emergency.
If the old provider were LLU ( like Sky or TT ) they may have different processes but if they don't indicate the line is now available , it will cause a delay for the new provider…this obviously doesn’t help you though
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