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41MB download speed guarantee....?

Well - I was hopeful of getting some help and understanding when I signed up on here but I can see that I am merely 1 in a multitude!

I was sold BT superfast originally and was told speeds would be up to 67mb, in my 3 years as a customer, I have never reached these promised heady heights, and on contract renewal this was changed to 55 mb with a guarantee of a minimum 41mb... I have never received this speed at all, normally hovering between 20 and 30 mb if lucky - constant drop out and phones not being able to connect etc., and I have logged call after call after call.

On one occasion I was told I was not getting the speeds I should be and was entitled to compensation (thats never come to fruition either) but then an engineer attended and said he was getting 40mb!!! Dream on but even that is below the guaranteed speed.

My question is... why does the BT speed test always return a speed of around 40mb when all other speed testers return anything from 8mb to 21mb depending on the time of day (I understand more users less speed) but not to the extent where my tech is basically unusable!

We have extenders in the house (BT) and even this is not helping, and if they are not sending out OpenReach to test the signals and only BT engineers who deal with the inside of the house, how asm I ever going to get this sorted?!

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Re: 41MB download speed guarantee....?

First of all any speed guarantees are for line sync speed as measured at the hub, not download or throughput speeds.

If you could post a screen shot of the line stats from your hub we can see what speeds you are getting and a screenshot from entering your phone number in the DSL checker we can see what speeds you are expected to get. Edit out your phone number from the screenshot before posting.

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Re: 41MB download speed guarantee....?

67Mb is the figure BT use in adverts , it’s required by the advertising authorities that ISP’s use an average figure ( so of all the customers connected to BT 80Mb service, averaged out the speed is 67Mb ) obviously some will get the full 80 Mb ( like me , close to the fibre cab ) and some will get much less,  if BT only had 2 customers the other was getting 54 Mb , the average the potential 3rd customer would see is 67Mb, but what they would actually get depends on how far away from the cabinet they are, obviously this daft example is  just to illustrate the process, BT has millions of customers but the way to the average is the effectively the same, unfortunately some see this 67 Mb figure and think it’s what they should get, it isn’t, you will get a bespoke estimate for your line , or you can check yourself at
this in conjunction with your router stats will show if you line speed is what it should be.

WiFi has to many environmental variables so no provider guarantees speed over WiFi, some offer ‘whole home ‘ WiFi type systems that can be better than just using the router WiFi.

If someone was on the higher band ( 80Mb ) but because of the line length from the cabinet , an achievable speed is 40 Mb, they may as well change to the lower band , potentially saving a few ££

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