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4G Home Broadband - 30Mb or

I have a couple of options:

1) I could get 'BT 4G Home Broadband - 30Mb' for  £57.25 per month 24 month contract

2) I could get an Unlimited 5G data plan from EE for £41 per month (which includes 3 smart benefits like BT Sport and Apple Music etc.) and tether by making a wireless hotspot from an old phone or get a cheap third party 4g router.

Over 24 months that would be a saving of £390 going for option 2 the EE 5G unlimited route and it has more perks.

Is there something I am missing that would make going for the BT 4G Home Broadband - 30Mb a more attractive option?



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Re: 4G Home Broadband - 30Mb or

Possibly higher priority for data on the BT route and a probably subject to fair use policy on the EE plan. Only guesses though.

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