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900 Halo 3 - Poor Wifi

Just upgraded from 300 halo to 900 halo 3

and I’ve noticed a massive drop in wifi speeds. Was 240-280 now it’s 180mbps at best… sometimes the upload is better than the download … is there any valid reason for this or does the Smart Hub 2 not have decent capabilities. Keep being told it’s hitting 930 to router… just today I’ve had my flooring pulled up so can at least have my router in my living room and since wired up couple of my devices but surely wifi should still be semi decent with a 900mbps package..? What’s going on BT? 😂

thank you. 

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Re: 900 Halo 3 - Poor Wifi

I get 480mb max on my SH2, that's as fast as I can reasonably expect on a wifi 5 router

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Re: 900 Halo 3 - Poor Wifi

@jamesbuchanan66 Then why is BT selling a product that can’t be used with their equipment?

By the way, I get the same as you.

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Re: 900 Halo 3 - Poor Wifi

I’m guessing because it’s 900/930 to the router they can get away with it.  Wireless isn’t promised 

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Re: 900 Halo 3 - Poor Wifi

Im guessing you are using a 2x2 client so you should be hitting more than that. 
The best I’ve seen on a wave 2 WiFi router is 560Mbps in my environment with a third party router. 
Once you start hitting a gig connection to see better WiFi results you need to move to WiFi 6 but a lot depends on the routers hardware as no 2 routers are equal. 
On WiFi 6 with a 2x2 client the best I’ve seen is 856Mbps. These results are within 10 ft of the router. As you move away the throughput drops but as routers are not all equal the throughput has to be measured individually. 
for example the RAX120 I have covers all the inside of my property and the lowest result was 477mbps. Other WiFi 6 routers I have can’t match the throughput over distance so in the same room where 477Mbps were recorded others are hitting just over 300Mbps. Of course these are AX clients so on the BT router which is WiFi 5 results will be a lot lower. 

You should be seeing better results but a lot depends on where the router is positioned, EMI and other neighbouring APs, the general environment and so on. 
How are you testing?