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9Broadband Upgrade

Hi  I live opposite neighbours who get 50Mb into their homes while we only get 14Mb to serve 4 people working from home now.

The line that serves them comes from the same pole that the line to my house comes from.

One neighbour has THREE lines, two of which he now longer uses ( Ex Bt engineer ) and he is agreeable to these lines being used for us .

BT will not do this even though we have offered to pay for an additional line in. What can I do . This is a ridiculous situation.

The line I need is to come from  pole DP20 off CABINET 12  linked to the CINDERFORD ( GLOS )  Exchange. 

BT now have the gall to ask if I want to upgrade to Halo for Gods sake!!!!!!!!!!!

HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: 9Broadband Upgrade

enter your phone number and post results  remember delete number


moving your line is nothing to do with BT Retail but it is openreach who are responsible for the line and will not make changes as you suggest just to give better broadband  there are numerous similar posts on the forum

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Re: 9Broadband Upgrade

Hi   Yes I was aware of that , but I cannot see why they wo'nt let me pay for a new line and guarantee that  it will come from the nearest cabinet which was the one Identified by my previous post.

Overhead fibre is also only 300 yds away

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