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A temporary move ...

Have a fair idea of the answer, but thought I'd consult the hivemind first ...

I need to move home for a few months for some flooring work (underfloor leak. grim) to be done, and wondered if there is a temporary switch solution to the phoneline/number or if I just need to use BT's Moving Home online service once to the new place then, after a few weeks/months, use the same process again when I move back?

I know it's not a major deal, just wanted some clarity.

Thanks in advance for any info!



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Re: A temporary move ...


If its just the phone number, then just use call divert to divert incoming calls to another number, or a mobile.

A home move would not be appropriate in this situation.

If you do use call divert, then make sure you are on an unlimited calls package, if you expect a lot of calls, as you would be charged for the forwarded part of the call.


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Re: A temporary move ...

You probably could use the home mover service , but it would start a new minimum term at the new temporary address, and when you were ready to move back, another home move would be needed and yet another minimum term would be started , it conceivable that the remainder of the first minimum term could be added to the second , so ( for example ) you start a 12 month term , move back after 6, start a new minimum term of 12 , plus the 6 remaining so 18 months , obviously if it were a 24 month minimum, it could be 30 be clear I don’t know if they do this, but it wouldn’t strike me as unfair if they did.
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Re: A temporary move ...

@iniltouswrote: be clear I don’t know if they do this, but it wouldn’t strike me as unfair if they did.

No they don't, when moving home with just a line the minimum term is renewed for 12 months, in 6 months time if you moved again, the 12 month term would be reset and the remaining 6 months of the original contract forgotten about, it's removed when the new term is added, with no penalty.

If you have broadband you can take that with you without renewing the BB term, there are scenarios when you might want to, for example if the new address has no line, the £130 charge is waived or reduced if the BB minimum term is renewed.

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