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AV / DG ?

So bit of a random one here. Next to each of the telegraph poles on my street, there has been 'AV  / DG' sprayed painted on the path, any one have any ideas what this is? I live in hope that it's FTTP related.

Thanks Michael

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Re: AV / DG ?

Never heard of or come across Openreach using such abbreviations.

Possibly done by a another Network Provider using PIA, Physical Infrastructure Access, i.e. CityFibre, Hyperoptic, etc?

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Re: AV / DG ?

Ah. After a quick search for City Fibre it does appear they have signed a deal with North Tyneside, so could be that.

Does this make it less likely BT install FTTP on the same poles?

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Re: AV / DG ?

BT don't install anything, Openreach might. It depends on theeir roll out plans.

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Re: AV / DG ?

BT/Openreach like CityFibre, Hyperoptic, etc will cherry pick the areas that are easy to deploy and will make a quicker return on their investment.

I live in a semi rural/urbanised area. I’ve found Openreach and another Fibre Network Provider, (won’t say its name as that will narrow down what area I live/work in) are rapidly deploying FTTP in what we call Retro Fit Sites, basically New(ish) Builds that can easily be overlaid as the Duct Network is uncontested. 

Go out to the more rural areas though and there is FTTP but it’s all BDUK funded.

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